Introducing… Will Retherford


I’m not much of a music reviewer, but there are a few artists I want to highlight.

When I first heard Will Retherford‘s debut EP Awake I became very excited! It’s rare for me to find worship music that I actually want to listen to. This is delicious, up-beat indie-folk with a twist. If you like Sufjan Stevens, this is for you.

Will is clearly a talented musician with some equally talented friends. There’s a huge range of tasty and creative instrumentation. But what stands out for me is his voice… it’s a lovely, distinct, folky alto; I could listen to him sing all day, I think. Again, Sufjan comes to mind.

The songs are probably not congregational, but they are worshipful. Stand out tracks for me are Image, Fill Our Hearts, Though I Fall, and Hope.

One thing I love is that Will Retherford is looking to use his music to build hope into the lives of others; and a percentage of the profits from his sales go to support the Agape orphanage in Hyderbad, India.

More recently, he released a full-length album Walk. It has a similar flavour, with signs of maturing, and I’m really enjoying getting into it now that it’s on Spotify!

Go ahead and check out this great songwriter and worshipper.


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