New Release: Strangers 1

For endless ages: echoes of grace
Like waves come crashing on the shore
Each wave breaks stronger, every echo louder
As we discover, as we explore

Every day new revelations
Of the kingdom and of the King
Joy increasing, overflowing
Satisfying all desires

Can you taste it? Can you see it?
Joy unspoken, unspeakable
Now we see a dim reflection
Just imagine, how beautiful

There’s a river flowing freely
We will drink its full delights
There’ll be singing, wild abandon
Songs of wonder, roars of praise

Can you hear it? Have you heard it?
All creation celebrates
Come and join in adoration
Reckless worship, unrestrained
There’ll be colours undiscovered
Sweet aromas will fill the air
Newfound flavours, fresh encounters 
Joy explosion, for He’ll be there

We are strangers on a distant shore
Waiting for our time to sail
Won’t be long now, He is coming

© 2013 Chris Haines, Tom Fisher, Neil Cornish

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