Review of But God by Lex Loizides

One of my evangelist heroes Lex Loizides has posted a very generous review of But God on Facebook and Amazon. Here’s what he had to say:

The best worship album I’ve heard in years!! Seriously!

At last! At last there’s some fresh inspiration out there! Someone pressed this CD into my hands at a conference a couple of weeks ago and I expected the ordinary. But what I got has completely taken me by surprise. This is, without doubt, the freshest, most beautifully crafted, musically as well as theologically, satisfying worship CD that I’ve heard in years. There are no CD reviews on my blog (Church History Blog) but I may break the pattern for this one.

So far I’ve had to play it at least once every day. There is some superb delicate guitar work, great lyrics and brilliant melodies.

And just a word of advice: don’t buy it first and foremost to find new songs for your worship team to play in church, buy it to enrich your own soul and then take it from there.

Five stars from me.

Thanks Lex!

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